Glycerin is a product of quality and efficacy for all skin types. It is characterized by containing a natural oil that has benefits in the world of beauty, such as:
Hydrating: Due to its oil, glycerin is present in the preparation of our soaps, moisturizing by its ability to easily absorb moisture from the air or dryness and thereby balance the skin in terms of hydration.
Soothing effect: The hydration offered by the skin, allows to eliminate allergic reactions that cause itching, peeling or dryness.
Effect of velvety and soft skin:
Cleaning with glycerin soap is a fairly viable option as it removes all extra oil from the skin, maintaining a hydrating balance, allowing for softness and more supple skin. For those who have rashes and reddish skin is excellent. For those who suffer from acne, it is a way to combat it. Not to mention that helps fight wrinkles and stretch marks.
Characterized by its neutral pH:
The other benefit is its neutral pH, ie it can be used for all skin types.
Dry oily skin * Mixed * Acne * cellulite * etc